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"To love our neighbor as ourselves is such a truth for regulating human society, that by that alone one might determine all the cases in social morality."  John Locke

PRAY:  Dear Father, today as I focus on the needs, the brokenness, and the understanding of the creative community in Hollywood, let me pray this verse in Leviticus over both this people group toward each other and for the audience toward the creators, actors, and executives who create, promote, and distribute our nations art and entertainment. Help us not to seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone, but to love our neighbors as ourselves. You tell us that You are the Lord and so we should listen to You, trust You, and follow Your commands. The world would be a different place if we all followed this command. May the Hollywood community embrace Your love, peace toward one another, and may we, as the Christians outside of that mission field, not get angry at them or hold a grudge against them for what they produce and how they act. Let us all love one another with Your non-judgmental, unconditional love - because You are the Lord! Amen
REFLECT:  When you see a TV show that is offensive, or a film with terrible language, sex, and violence, when you hear about the violent video games that are affecting people's behavior, or you hear about the affairs and suicide of the people in Hollywood, do you want to seek revenge or bear a grudge against them because of their choices and actions, and turn off your TV, boycott the movies, or stop listening to music? At those moments, can you remember that Hollywood is the world's most influential mission field, full of creative, intelligent people who are leaders, culture-shapers, and highly influential worldwide. They need our prayers, not our judgment. They need the Lord to come into their lives and redeem their broken, abusive, godless pasts and to experience all the fruits of the Spirit that only followers of Jesus get to fully experience. We need our hearts to break for people who don't know about the unconditional grace, love, peace, joy, and hope that salvation brings; not the judgment, anger, revenge, or grudges that many of God's people inflict or exhibit. What do you need to change in your heart so that you respond to this people group with love, prayer, and compassion?
ACT:  Make a mental list of the films, TV shows, songs, and video games from Hollywood that you have disagreed with, avoided, hated, or gotten angry over. Also list the people n Hollywood whom you have talked against because of a magazine article that you've read or a news piece you heard. Right now, go back to those moments and ask the Lord to change your heart and start praying for the people working on, or the creators of, the product that made you angry. Ask the Lord to come into their lives and put His arms around them, bless them, and reveal His love to them. Ask God to give them a freedom and hope that only comes from Him. And every time now that you judge the people or the products coming out of Hollywood, would you stop yourself, or others, and pray for those people instead? They are God's creation, just like anyone else. And yet, they are actually more influential than other people because they are influencing every other human across the globe who listens to their music, watches their films or TV shows, or plays their video games. So, instead of avoiding, hating, or holding a grudge against Hollywood, choose to pray for the people there. Love them as yourself and remember that your prayers can lead them to Jesus, and when their lives change, the product they create will also change! 

"For God so loved HOLLYWOOD that He gave His only son, that WHOEVER in Hollywood would believe in Him, should not be destroyed, but have eternal, everlasting life."