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"Film and entertainment are a pervasively important part of our culture, an extremely significant influence on the way our society operates. People in the film industry don't want to accept the responsibility that they had a hand in the way the world is loused up. But, for better or worse, the influence of the church, which used to be all-powerful, has been usurped by film. Film and television tell us the way we conduct our lives, what is right and wrong."  George Lucas

PRAY:  Dear Lord Almighty, You were so specific in what the Israelites needed to do when You sent them into exile. And I see that today You have called thousands of Christians into Hollywood - a place where many Christians look at it as exile. Lord, I want to understand this mission field and to pray for the Christians there, that they would be able to build houses, settle down, plant gardens, have children, and to see their children marry, so that there will be future generations of Christians in Hollywood. And mostly Lord, help them to seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which You have carried them. Help them to pray for You to bless it, because if Hollywood prospers then the Christians there, too, will prosper. Thank You Lord. 

REFLECT:  Have you ever considered Hollywood California to be a place of exile? Did you know that it's very hard to live in Los Angeles: It's the third most expensive city in our country in which to live. The entertainment industry is extremely competitive and the employment rate is much lower than the nation's average and the divorce rate is higher. The housing is both hard to find and extremely expensive with many young people even having to sleep on sofas or floors of their friends' apartments. It's not a glamorous life to be a creative person working in Hollywood. It's hard work, it takes sacrifice, separation from family, and the enemy always attacks with discouragement, isolation, and despair. So, it is extremely important to pray for the Christians there. They need favor, income, friends, Christian community, and good work opportunities. And praying for the peace and prosperity of Hollywood will bring peace and prosperity to the Christians there as well. They need our prayers and support more than most people know.

ACT: Would you commit to pray for the Christians who have been sent or have sacrificed friends and family to go to Hollywood?  Make a list of 5 people, either friends, family members, or total strangers of whom you are aware, and for this week, pray for each of them every day.  Pray blessings on them, along with favor, work, community, and for them to make an eternal difference in the world's most influential mission field.  Many people do think of Hollywood as exile for the Gentiles, and yet God loves everyone in that city just He does in every other city of the world.  Your prayers matter and this week your prayers could change lives, give hope, and open doors for people in Hollywood needing to feel God's hand on them.