Believer - A Five-Day Devotional by Rhett Walker


Day 4

I am a gospel preacher

Heart on fire

Freedom singing


Cause I've been redeemed

I am a believer

Us as believers should always rejoice. That’s a lot easier said than done. First thing that comes to my mind is traffic. I can have worship music blaring and still have to watch my tongue. Also, why does traffic even happen? Like, whoever is in the front, just go on. Anyways, we talk about getting to Heaven and forever praising God, yet we’re always too busy to pray, read our Bible, get to church and rejoice. I listened to a podcast the other day from Debra Fileta and she said, (I’m paraphrasing here), that we don’t wake up and forget to eat food for days and wonder why we get sick. We eat! We don’t get the ding on our car to change the oil and just run it till the engine locks up. We change the oil. So why do we become believers and then just say, ‘I’m good?’

It’s crazy to me and I’m guilty, that we pray when things are bad and rejoice when we win. Our praying and rejoicing should not be because of what Christ does for us, but because of who we are in Him. We are called to rejoice, always. We are called to be Gospel preachers with hearts on fire for Jesus because we have been redeemed. Well it’s hard to do that when our focus is on the negative. If we walk around pouty, stuck up, depressed, angry and call ourselves Believers, we make Jesus, to the unbeliever, just as pouty, stuck up, depressed and as angry as we are. Let’s focus on the verses about rejoicing. Let’s continue to remind ourselves, while looking in the mirror, that we are children of God. Rejoice! Even when it sucks.