Believer - A Five-Day Devotional by Rhett Walker

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Day 3

I am a mountain mover

Water walker

More than just an overcomer

Cause I've been set free

“Believer” was a song to remind myself of who I am. Because I am a believer in Jesus Christ, I have a foundation that I did not have before Jesus - a foundation that does not move. My dad, Dr. Mark, who is a pastor in South Carolina, teaches it this way, “The Bible doesn’t say to ask Jesus into our heart or say a certain ‘sinner’s prayer.’ It’s the knowledge that God sent His son to die on the cross, walked sinlessly, payed our debt. He was put in a grave, rose again and is now preparing a place for us in Heaven. Jesus coming into your heart and forgiveness of sin is a result of salvation, not requirements for it.”

He goes on to say, “Once we know that, we are positioned correctly with the Father. God no longer see’s our sin. He sees Jesus. We still mess up, our souls were saved, but our flesh still screws us up. But we’ve got to view our strongholds as Christ sees them. We’ve got to see our strongholds through the lens of redeemed people, and because of Christ, we are overcomers.” In this day and age, it seems like we’re known for our shortcomings. Like the person in the room with the biggest problem is the most famous. It’s because that’s all we talk about.

“How’s your day been?”


“How’s your job?” 

“Well, my boss.....”

Or, heavy stuff like strongholds and depression and sickness, etc. We let it define us. 

I used to always laugh at older people’s answers to questions like, “How are you doing?” cause they would always say stuff like, “I’m breathing,” or, “Blessed.” But that’s what we got to get back to cause we’re all tired of hearing everyone’s crap and living in a sad-focused world. 

As believers, we know we are mountain movers and overcomers because we’ve been set free. For me, I try to wake up every morning and declare who I know I am because of Jesus, and then rejoice in Him. Let’s try to do that together!