Believer - A Five-Day Devotional by Rhett Walker

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


Day 1

I walk a bit different now

Now that my heart's been found

Nothing really feels the same

I hold my head a bit higher

I lift my voice a bit louder

Yeah, something inside has changed

In Philippians, we read where Paul’s mind was while he was in prison - how he counted imprisonment a situation that was actually helping to spread the news of God. That’s where I know Paul and I have two different personalities. I am so quick to jump to how bad a situation is. I sometimes run to anxiety. I would’ve seen imprisonment as… you know… being a prisoner. Paul did not. He saw it as an opportunity. He saw the situation as a situation that God was not surprised about, and that God had a purpose behind. I heard a message by Craig Groeschel where he said Paul’s mind was in the place of, ‘they think I’m the one stuck here; but look at the many guards who are actually the ones stuck with me and now I get to share the truth of God to them.’ 

What do we miss in the everyday because of our focus being out of whack? Or by being anxious in everything?

If we really are a new creation in Christ, shouldn’t that be our focus? Yet, the majority of the time, we mess up, sin, get lost in our thoughts and become angered, repent and start all over. Let’s practice keeping our focus on Jesus and rejoice, hold our heads a bit higher, lift our voices a bit louder, because we know that we are changed.