Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading

Anxiety and loneliness are two ingredients that make a difficult circumstance even worse. If only you could reach a friend when you’re feeling anxious. To hear a voice or receive a text of assurance can help to defuse the situation. Another person’s presence even through technology can make a difference. Even when we have no one to turn to, God’s Word assures us that God is always present and patiently waits for us to look to him for help.

PRAY: Lord, I’m anxious and alone and I need your comfort.

READ the verses from Psalms 94 to see what God can do when you’re anxious.

REFLECT: To whom do you normally reach out when you are feeling anxious and alone? How does it help to have someone nearby? How have you sensed God’s love in times of anxiety?

RESPOND: How will you approach God with your anxiety and what can you expect?