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Anxiety comes at us with brunt force when we are not in control of our circumstances. It could be what you feel before a test, a presentation at your job, a first date or your wedding. It could come when you are awaiting the results of a medical test, you’re facing potential business failure or when a relationship becomes irreparably damaged. These events—from small to great—remind us that, ultimately, we are not in control. But we can turn to the one who knows all things and is ready to step into our circumstances. 

PRAY: I am anxious again as I face ______________. Help me depend on you, God, to be my strong protector.

READ: With the anxiety-producing circumstance in mind, read the passage from Psalms 62.

REFLECT: How does the prospect of depending on God alone and putting your hope in God affect you in this current anxious event? The psalmist urges God’s people to tell God all their troubles. Have you done that? What are you promised in return for putting your trust in God?

RESPOND: What will it look like for you to take a step toward depending on God today?


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