Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading

Worrying seems to be a recurrent theme or problem mentioned in the Bible, probably because we invest so much time doing it. We can really get creative about all the ways we can worry. To worry is human, to not worry…is that possible? Jesus has some penetrating thoughts about that today.

PRAY: Lord, if worrying were an Olympic event, I would be a medal winner! Teach me not to worry.

READ: Take a moment from the rat race of worry and read Jesus’s words in Matthew.

REFLECT: It seems that worry has a starting point. What activates you to begin to worry? Jesus says we should be concerned more than anything else about what God wants of us and God will take care of the rest. How is this approach different from the way you live your life now?

RESPOND: Think back to what you worried about last week, last month, even last year. Has anything changed? What have you learned from the daily Scriptures that will help you not to worry even if things don’t change right away?