Is God Real?

DAY 5 OF 7

What More Could God Do?

There’s yet one more way to argue for God’s existence: Ask, “What else do we want God to do to prove himself? How could he have done things differently?”

Consider just two of the four attacks on his existence covered on Day 3. 

1. Evolutionists can point to natural selection as explaining life without a designing God. 

The adaptation of various species to their changing environment is further evidence of evolution at work, we're told. Similarity and adaptation show that the world could have evolved without God.

But consider the possibility that God made a world in which life can adapt to a changing environment. In that case, adaptation does not negate design—it proves it. 

2. If God made the universe, it is reasonable to assume that we would be sure of his existence. 

But how? What would we like God to do that he has not already done? He made a world which bears remarkable evidence of creative power and designing genius. We can explain life through adaptation, but that very adaptation is part of his brilliant plan.

He then stepped into his creation on numerous occasions. He sent his angels to men and women. He revealed himself in dreams and visions and continues to do so today. He then entered the human race, folding omnipotence down into a fetus and becoming a man like us. He proved his divinity by rising from the grave and returning to heaven. He gave us a book that records these events in remarkable and trustworthy detail.

He could appear to you as you read these words, just as he appeared in the flesh twenty centuries ago. But many did not believe in his divinity even when they saw his miracles and knew about his resurrection. 

The only way you could be absolutely certain that God exists would be to stand in his presence on Judgment Day.

One day, you will.

Christianity can, in fact, be verified with absolute certainty. 

One day in the future, you will be sure beyond any shadow of a doubt that God is real and Jesus is Lord. 

But God is graciously giving you another day to trust in him by faith, another day to step into a personal relationship with him and experience the verification that comes to those who meet God for themselves. 

One day, time will run out, and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:10–11).

Now, ask yourself: Why do I believe in God? Write down every reason that comes to mind. Pray through your list, asking God to verify his presence in your life.

Don’t let judgment day be the day you fully accept his reality.

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