Is God Real?

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Two Claims For Belief In God

In our last devotional, we looked at four reasons someone might choose not to believe in God. So what reasons can we give them to believe in God?

1. Claim that God exists because the Bible says he does.

Of course, other religious books make the same claim for themselves, e.g., the Qur’ran claims there is no God but Allah. We'd be amazed to find a religion whose sacred writings do not advocate what the religion believes.

And, while the Bible does have outstanding evidence for its trustworthiness, we cannot prove that the Bible is divinely inspired or that the God it advocates actually exists.

2. Claim that it is reasonable to believe in God, without trying to prove your assertion.

While arguing from creation to Creator or design to Designer does not prove that God exists, such thinking is clearly logical. Skeptics may not agree that we are right, but they cannot prove that we are wrong.

This fact is significant. 

It would obviously be a veto to the Christian faith if we could not demonstrate that believing in God is at least rational. We would have a hard time getting you to join us in worshiping Martians since no evidence could persuade you of their existence (we hope). 

But we can logically argue that God made and designed the world. Even if skeptics credit evolutionary natural selection as the explanation for life as we know it, they cannot prove that they are right. 

Their theory may be plausible, but so is ours, and the weight of evidence is such that, at the end of the day, it takes more faith to believe that God does not exist than to believe that he does

Once we have shown that believing in God is reasonable, we can invite people to step from evidence into experience

As with all relationships, a relationship with God becomes self-validating. We know that God exists because we have experienced him. 

His existence was reasonable before we met him and compelling now that we have.

Has that proven true in your life?

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