Is God Real?

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Four Arguments Against God’s Existence

From the previous day’s devotional, it would seem that none of the classical arguments for God's existence can compel us to believe in him. 

What's worse, there are several reasons to reject such faith.

First, as we have seen, evolutionary theory can be used to explain the design of the world apart from faith in a designing God.

Second, if there is actually a God who made all that exists, it would seem that we would know he is real. 

In Letter to a Christian Nation, noted atheist and author Sam Harris makes an apparently reasonable statement: "An atheist is simply a person who believes that the 260 million Americans (87 percent of the population) claiming to 'never doubt the existence of God' should be obliged to present evidence for his existence." 

It shouldn't be so hard to comply with his request.

Third, some atheists go so far as to claim that the very words "God exists" are meaningless and incoherent.  

What do we mean by "God"? 

We cannot point to anything in the created world since this would be idolatry, making creation into the creator. Neither can we point to anything within the rational concept of "God" since, by definition, our finite minds cannot comprehend an infinite being. 

If we cannot speak rationally of "God," how can we believe in him?

Fourth, the problem of innocent suffering greatly compounds things. 

It can be hard to believe that an all-loving, all-powerful God created a world filled with evil and suffering. 

As Harris makes the point, "An atheist is a person who believes that the murder of a single little girl—even once in a million years—casts doubt upon the idea of a benevolent God."

If a friend of yours brought up any of these arguments in a conversation this week, how would you answer? Take some time to write down your argument.

And if any of these arguments compel you, pray about them. Ask God for insight—and realize that, as you do, he’s there and he cares.

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