Do It Today!



It is easy to put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Why do we think things will be easier tomorrow? My experience has shown the opposite. Procrastination is a thief, robbing you of valuable time.  Though certain seasons of our lives seem like they will never end, we only have a short amount of time to work.

If your work only impacted you, the consequences of procrastination and inaction would be minimized. However, that’s not the case. God has created you with talents others need. To encourage yourself to do what you know you should do, I recommend you consider two things:

1. God decided your purpose before designing your being. You are designed to fulfill your purpose! You are designed to succeed at being you!

2. There are people and achievements waiting for you on the other side of completion of your assignments.

Whatever your talents, no matter how insignificant they may appear to you, they are powerful. The feeding of 5,000 immediately comes to my mind. John 6 records the disciples’ inventory of food among the hungry multitude to be five loaves of bread and two small fish belonging to one little boy. This child offered up his food. In Jesus’ hands, this food multiplied to satisfy more than 5,000 men, women, and children and provide twelve baskets of leftovers. Presuming the child’s mother had prepared his meal, can you imagine her wonder when he returned home and told her what Jesus had done with the five loaves of bread and two small fish? Jesus had used her diligence in doing the ordinary to do the miraculous!

Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. How are we enabling Him to do the miraculous through us today? People need our talents and availability to God today. Someone needs us to complete today’s assignments! Do it today!

Congratulations on completing this plan! May you readily apply God’s wisdom and ways. 

This plan is based on Dr. Stephanie L. Foster’s book, Speak Over the Fear, which shares how God sees His children as beloved overcomers He has equipped to prevail over fear. Please visit for her books.