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It (Your Current Assignment)

Because God is strategic and His execution of His good plans for us is progressive, His timing often differs from ours. When He reveals His plans to us, we often want immediate manifestation. However, the Bible’s account of Joseph’s preparation reveals how God may use meaningful, yet obscure assignments to develop us before elevation to high visibility public platforms.

At the age of seventeen, Joseph had two dreams that predicted his rise to prominence and authority. By the age of thirty, Joseph became Second in Charge of Egypt. 

So what happened during the intervening thirteen years? Joseph’s course charged through jealousy’s pit; family betrayal sealed with Egyptian enslavement; false accusations and imprisonment in exchange for faithful service at Potiphar’s house; human forgetfulness in exchange for faithful service in Pharoah’s prison; and ultimate revelation of God’s prevailing purpose at Pharoah’s palace. Importantly, the Bible records how the Lord blessed Joseph to succeed at Potiphar’s house, then Pharoah’s prison, and finally Pharoah’s palace before promotion to Second in Charge of Egypt. 

Somewhere between the isolation of the pit and the confines of Pharoah’s prison, Joseph gained a profound maturity. Genesis 45:4-5 NIV records his attempt to reassure his fearful brothers in revealing, “I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt! And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. “ 

God’s intense preparation of Joseph forged the strength of character and wisdom Joseph needed to prevail over the region’s catastrophic famine and safeguard the Messianic lineage. Joseph’s brother Judah (who persuaded the brothers to sell rather than kill Joseph) was a forefather of David from whose family line Jesus the Messiah would arrive centuries later. Only God could leverage a pit experience to have such lasting impact!  

Joseph’s journey encourages me to look at pit experiences differently. Trusting God to have good plans for my life, I will now search for His wisdom in seeing situations from His perspective. 

God loves each of us exquisitely. As His child, I intend to make the most of whatever assignment He entrusts to me. What about you?