Do It Today!



Generally, a chair is for sitting and a lamp is for light. Just as manufacturers design chairs and lamps to meet specific needs, we are God’s workmanship created for specific purposes. If we are out of place or not fulfilling our purpose, important needs will be unmet and people, known and unknown to us, will suffer. 

Often, a purposeful life is uniquely fashioned through the storms of life. A classic example of this is Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. Various disappointments, losses, and defeats marked his life journey. These setbacks provided compelling reasons to give up on his aspirations before and during his presidency. Ever resilient, his actions in securing passage of the 13th Amendment transformed my nation’s history. My life experiences and aspirations are possible today because of his resolve more than a century ago to act on behalf of millions of people yet to be born. I am grateful.

God has created us to be solutions to others’ needs. Hoarding our talents for self-gain or burying our talents out of misguided self-deprecation yields poor results. In fact, burying our talents like the fearful steward in the parable of the talents will yield similar rebuke. Conversely, working diligently in ways that honor God will gain His reward.

God expects us to gain increases on His investments in us. Also, God expects our faith in Him to be combined with corresponding action that demonstrates His love, nature, and power within our spheres of influence. We can do this because Jesus strengthens us to do what God has called and designed us to do. We can do!