The Prophetic Responsibility

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DAY FIVE: The Prophetic Decision

When it comes to hearing the voice of God well, is it God’s volume or our sensitivity that changes? To be honest, I don’t know that the Lord ever needs to adjust His volume. I think we need to change our sensitivity, which determines how well we hear.

I believe in the audible voice of God, but I also believe the majority of people learn to know the voice of the Lord by devotion and, subsequently, by decision. They must choose to follow Him wholeheartedly. There are so many scriptures about doing things with your whole heart; about loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength.

If you have felt muzzled or marginalized in your prophetic call, I pray this book has helped you find the courage to take your stand, find a mentor to help train you, and walk in the fullness of your assignment, because the world and the body of Christ need you. The church cannot reach its full potential without prophets. We need every member, every ministry gift, and every office to be in full operation to see all that God has planned to do in the earth come to fruition.

This devotional is based on The Prophetic Responsibility: Your Role in a World That Ignores God's Voice by Matthew L. Stevenson III.