The Prophetic Responsibility

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DAY TWO: The Prophetic and the Promise

Since the beginning of time the prophetic and the promise have always been related. In fact, unless the prophetic is alive and active and consistent, people have no clue there are promises to live for or live up to.

When I speak of this prophetic promise, I am referring to what God has always intended—and still intends—prophets to offer the world.

It begins with relationship. When Moses encountered the burning bush, God said to him, “You’re going to be the spokesperson for My people, and you’re going to get Pharaoh to let My people go.”

Now, Moses had a reaction to this. For a good many verses he went back and forth with God about this plan. “What about my stutter? What if Your people don’t listen to me?” But in the end he followed God’s instructions. He decided the power that consumed the bush was greater than his fear of Pharaoh and the Hebrew people’s disdain.

All of this was extraordinary at the time because it meant the opening of a new relationship between God and the Hebrew people. God had given Moses—this ordinary, human spokesperson—a message for the king of the known world; a call to deliver the ones He called His people, the Hebrews.