The Prophetic Responsibility

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DAY THREE: The Prophetic Drought

What does a society without communication from heaven look like? What do families without heavenly intel look like? What dangers does a society or nation get exposed to when this is the case?

Today’s verses are not describing the absence of the word of the Lord. They are describing an absence of the hearing of the word of the Lord. And the consequence of such an era is described in verse 12, where people are staggering all over the place, roaming here and there to seek the word of God but being unable to find it.

Prophets are God’s timepieces. They are God’s handlers. They are so necessary, and they will always be necessary as long as the human race struggles to hear heaven clearly. If the human race, for whatever reason, cannot readily hear God, then they cannot respond to the God they have not heard. Therefore, prophets have their place in perpetuity in God’s plan for as long as there is earth.

God is always going to want to broadcast and streamline His voice, thoughts, character, opinions, and actions, and He is always going to want to do this through the mouths of His prophets.