The Prophetic Responsibility

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DAY ONE: What is a Prophet?

Prophets have been a vital part of everything God has ever done on planet earth. Prophets were at work in the Book of Genesis. In fact, as we read in Luke 11, one of the very first humans, Abel, was a prophet. Prophets continued to do their work throughout every single book of the Scriptures.

Today’s prophets are the ones responsible for giving us what we know about the personality of God, the plans of God, and the purposes of God. In order to establish God’s house, God’s move, God’s plans, and God’s purposes, we need His mouthpieces to tell us those things. The prophets are His mouthpieces. They prophesy on behalf of God.

We are in need of prophets. God requires things to be said to acquaint people with His agenda, His personality, His character, His logic, the way He thinks, and what He wants to do with them. In order to do that, He needs vessels that literally speak on behalf of Him, the invisible God.

If that describes you, I want to motivate you to come out of hiding and become one with your calling. We need you!