MORE – Generosity And Faith In Your Finances



I often get asked about some of the keys to my law firm’s consistently phenomenal growth and how I manage to secure the work we do. While there are many things I diligently do on purpose to facilitate this, I smile to myself inside knowing the primary and central reason for the success the firm has enjoyed is simply because God has brought it my way. It is a regular prayer of mine on the way to work in the morning to ask God to bring in new work and increase to my business, blessings to my staff and family, wisdom to the situations I encounter, and opportunity to bless and assist the needy. And every time He has met me with more than I could even hope or imagine. I smile when members of my team who don’t yet have a personal relationship with Jesus ask if I have been praying again because there’s been yet another influx of work. Even they can see the results flowing from the power of prayer and seeking God first!

Life is noisy and it is busy and the clutter around us can often divert our focus from what we should be seeking out first—time with Him. Bringing our requests before Him (whatever they are regardless of how significant or trivial) with thanksgiving. He just loves spending time with us. Remember the scripture does not say to seek nothing else. It just says let’s put the most important thing first. Then the rest can follow once we bring God and the supernatural into the equation. I encourage you today to regularly bring your family, relational, financial and health cares before God and put them in His hands. Let Him in on the situation and ask Him to bring solutions, healing, increase, or whatever is needed, and see what happens.

Keys to apply:

  1. Choose to look to Him whenever tough situations arise, knowing He is in the midst of the storm with you and there is nothing to be afraid of. He is not surprised by your present situation and He knows the way through it.

  2. Choose to embrace every situation as a chance to learn and grow.

  3. Don’t neglect other matters—just seek Him first.