MORE – Generosity And Faith In Your Finances



As we learnt yesterday, the Bible talks about two categories you can divide your money into: bread (what you require) and seed (what you use for future investment). There is a third category I would like to address which the Bible is silent on - the matter of surplus. 

I am a Financial Advisor and I had a client approach me after a Sunday church service to ask me if I thought it was ok if he bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle, as he had always wanted one. I knew this man as a client and had insight into his financial affairs. He had done it tough for many years, but now was enjoying his prospering business. He was a hard worker and his skills were becoming known within a thriving industry. (Prosperity inevitably follows such a situation!) 

I commended him on seeking wise counsel before spending such a significant amount of money as it showed he was wanting to be a good steward of the increase God was bringing his way. I asked him if he was meeting his financial obligations (business—trade creditors, employee wages and personal—mortgage and general living expenses) as they fell due, to which he responded “yes”. I queried whether he was providing well for his wife and children, to which he also responded in the affirmative. I asked if he was tithing, and once again he said yes. I asked if he was setting money aside for his future and growing his assets. Again he responded “yes”.  

My answer to him was that I was of the view he had dealt prudently with his bread and seed, and that the leftover was surplus - and this surplus was certainly for him to enjoy! He went and bought a nice Harley that week.

I believe if you are rightly dividing your bread and seed and have come to a position where there is surplus, then I encourage you to enjoy it to the full.

Keys to apply:

  1. Seek wise counsel if you are ever unsure about your money management as the Bible is clear there is wisdom in seeking wise counsel.

  2. If you have leftover, then it is surplus and the Bible commands you to enjoy it (and why not bless others with it along that way as that will multiply your satisfaction).