Decision Making

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People who think they are always right or know everything miss out on the benefits of receiving advice that could make good things better or prevent negative outcomes. On the other hand, those who have no confidence in their judgment or the insights of others can also miss opportunities that could radically shift their lives. Sometimes, too, people choose to do what appears right but with the wrong motives. God’s Word is clear that doing the right thing for the wrong reason is displeasing to God. To stay on the right path, we can turn to godly advisers who have our best interest at heart. When we do, we open ourselves to the security it brings, as well as to outcomes that please God.


Lord, help me be humble enough to admit that I need help to discern your will for my life. 


The wise writer of Proverbs encourages his audience to get advice and do the right thing. 

Proverbs 15:22; 21:2-3 


Choosing to do the right thing is as important as doing so for the right reasons. Are your motives pleasing to God? Or have you convinced yourself that something you plan to do or have done is right, though your motives are less than honorable? Do you find it difficult to ask for advice? Why or why not? Are there godly people in your life whom you can go to for counsel?


If your answers to the foregone questions reveal that your actions and/or motives displease God, talk to him about it. Ask God to help you humbly heed his Word and seek sound advice.