Decision Making

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It’s hard to make a decision when the stakes are high. Avoiding it altogether may seem a better option than making a choice. But in those circumstances that demand a ‘grown-up’ response, those who trust in God can look to him for guidance. The psalmist David faced humiliating and devastating conditions. He poured out his heart to the LORD, noting God’s faithfulness and love to those who obey God’s Word and then seeking God’s forgiveness for his wrongdoing. Perhaps the decision before you is the result of your own wrongdoing. Nevertheless, like David, a repentant heart can ready us to receive needed guidance. 


Father, I feel stuck. The choices before me can be life-changing. Forgive me of my wrongs and order the steps I should take.


The psalmist David praises God’s faithfulness and reliability in providing guidance to those who obey God’s Word.

Psalm 25:10-12  


Our past mistakes and wrongdoings often prevent us from approaching God freely for help. But like David, we can choose to run to God. His calamity was too intense to miss the moment to beseech God’s help. We can have the assurance David had that God would forgive his wrongs and show him the right path.  


Take a few minutes to confess your wrongs and ask God to forgive you. Renew your commitment to faithfully follow God’s instructions. Then tell yourself that God will guide those who honor him.