Decision Making

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Cultural norms are difficult to bypass. These norms influence our desires and shape our decisions. They function like peer pressure—making us feel obligated to trying one thing or another. God’s Word charges us to consider that although a certain path may be acceptable according to societal norms, those for whom God’s Word is a guidepost should recognize it as the standard for living. Scripture should set the standard for all we do. It should guide and shape our way of thinking, which eventually plays out in what we do. 


Lord God, too often I allow myself to think in ways that lead me to act contrary to your Word. Help me guard my thoughts so my ways will please you.


The apostle Paul offers a practical tip about Christian conduct that can help us make godly choices.

Romans 12:2


The apostle Paul challenges Christians in Rome to change their minds, to do away with ungodly thinking. But transformation of the mind doesn’t come easy. It requires total surrender to God and God’s Word, which enables us to relinquish our tendency to pattern worldly behaviors. Have you surrendered your life to God’s will for your life? How do you demonstrate that?


Ask God to show you areas of your life that you may need to surrender to his will.