Decision Making

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Sometimes the last thing we do when we face obstacles is consult God’s Word. We turn to other people for advice. We take a trial-and-error approach, or we spend our days fretful and feeling helpless and even hopeless. Sometimes all these efforts serve only to turn molehills into mountains. But when our go-to response to crises is prayer and meditation on God’s Word, we are more likely to find just what’s needed.


God, thank you for nudging me gently to find answers in your Word. Help me to act on it and not make excuses to look elsewhere.


The psalmist considers God’s Word a guiding light.

Psalm 119:103-105


Children conjure scary images while they lay in the dark, afraid of what lurks under their beds or in their closets. When the light is turned on, they discover that the ‘monsters’ were only a sweater hanging over the door and an old, familiar toy. Similarly, our circumstances can appear differently when examined without the lens of Scripture. The psalmist’s words lead us to consider that God’s Word is a light that can illuminate the best way forward. 


In the 1980s, Amy Grant released the song, “Thy Word” on the Album, Straight Ahead. The refrain echoes Psalm 119:105. Take a moment to listen to the song and be reminded of the power of God’s Word to guide you. Check it out on YouTube or wherever the song is available.