Anger Management

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Most of us like to think of ourselves as having enough self-control to not respond in ways that cause us to lose our integrity, even under pressure. But giving in to anger is one way to quickly derail our stability or our ability to trust our own judgment. Anger makes us vulnerable. It exposes us, making it challenging to control what we say and do. God’s Word plainly tells us this, comparing an angry person to a city that has no defenses. 


God, teach me how to guard my thoughts, words, and actions so I will not fall prey to anger.


The wise writer of Proverbs paints a unique picture of an angry person

Proverbs 25:28


Up until about the mid-19th century, walls were built around cities as their first means of defense. We think of the Berlin wall or of the biblical account of the famous wall of Jericho that is thought to have been about 20 feet thick! With these images in mind, do you think the wise writer of Proverbs makes an effective comparison? Why or why not?


Write your own “proverb” to remind you how important it is to restrain your temper, then post it where you’ll see it often. You may emphasize vulnerability or reflect on the benefit of maintaining control. Here are examples: (1) People who do not control their temper are like a sports car being driven by a careless driver; (2) Like a tree with roots firmly planted, so are those who control their temper.