Anger Management

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I have yet to meet someone who felt fulfilled after an angry tirade. The feedback is generally the same—regret, embarrassment, more anger. William Penn once wisely said: “Watch against anger; neither speak of it nor act in it; for, like drunkenness, it makes a man a beast, and throws people into desperate inconvenience.” How do we keep watch? James offers an answer.


Lord, I do not like being angry. Help me be willing to do what it takes to overcome.


James encourages us to put the brakes on anger. 

James 1:19-21


James emphasizes the importance of submitting to God and accepting his Word, which instructs us to lay aside ungodly attitudes that do not reflect God’s righteousness, such as anger. One way to accomplish this is by being more apt to listen than speak. Is this challenging for you? Why or why not?


Reflect on a recent occasion during which you became angry. Were you mindful to do more listening than speaking? Write a note to yourself committing to heed James’s advice, then pray about your commitment.