Anger Management

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Anger can be a by-product of other lingering emotions such as anxiety, envy and deep disappointment. It can make us angry to see wrongdoers succeed while we struggle to make ends meet as we try to do the right thing. Perhaps your anger is borne out of continual disappointment at being overlooked for a job you feel you deserve. Whatever feeds your anger is potent enough to eventually peak and manifest as full-blown rage. The psalmist David offers a strong warning against harboring such emotions. 


Father, I have let many negative emotions get the best of me. Help me lay them all aside and look to you. 


David urges his audience not to worry or become angry but trust God with their future.

Psalm 37:5-8


David’s audience had every reason to be angry. They faced opposition from wrongdoers who seemed to flourish despite their wrongs. But David encourages them to wait patiently and confidently for God, trusting him to act in their favor. Do you believe that God will help you as you learn to trust in him?


Can you identify other feelings that accompany, and may have led you to become angry? What are they? Ask God to help you surrender these emotions to him and trust him fully.