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Who I Am



Everyday we are bombarded with what can sometimes feel like a million different voices. I’d love to say that the majority of the voices we hear are encouraging ones, but I’m not so sure that’s the case.

The thing about these voices is that we are given a choice on what we do with them. Just because somebody says something to you - or about you - does not mean you have to believe what they’ve said. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s easier said than done isn’t it?

The fact is that the enemy wants to try and use words to make you believe lies about yourself that just aren’t true. The amazing, beautiful, truth is that no matter what anybody says about you, those words mean nothing compared to what God says about you! He declares that you are valued, loved, beautiful, strong, and so much more.

So don’t let what the world says about you speak louder than what your loving Father God says about you. When words of doubt or discouragement come, run to a loving God, and hold on to His words of truth.

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