[Acts Inspiration For Transformation Series] Fight The Good Fight

Day 6 of 7 • This day’s reading


Trusting God in the Storm

Pastor Darryl W. Crain

On our Christian voyage, we may certainly encounter different types of storms. It is of vital importance that we understand the origin of these storms: are they the work of others, the tactics of the enemy, or the fruit of our own doing? 

We have seen Paul weathering many storms, inwardly and outwardly. Today’s reading is better than an adventure movie. Paul starts his journey in chains under the watch of Julius, the centurion appointed by the Roman Empire to take him and other prisoners to Rome. They will soon encounter a life-threatening storm that could have been avoided if the centurion had listened to Paul’s warning instead of listening to the opinion of the majority. 

The storm was so great that they lost all hope. Everybody thought that they were inevitably going to die. What made the difference? Paul’s presence and unshakeable faith–he knew the One at whose command a storm was calmed. He confidently spoke words of encouragement: “There shall be no loss of any man’s life” (verse 22 KJV). God’s messenger had assured Paul that not only his life but the lives of all on board would be spared. 

On this occasion, Paul faced a storm season–a situation that can make us fearful, desperate, and even hopeless. But as confident believers who belong to the Creator, we have the certainty of knowing that God is in control of our circumstances. Our relationship with him guides us in the right direction, and our presence and faith in God amid storms can help those who do not know Jesus to navigate the storms of their lives and even draw them to our Lord and Savior. 


How can you reach out to those people who are going through a storm in their life? Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to those in need. Reach out to them, and let them know that God can give them peace, comfort, and direction. Lead them to the harbor you have found.