[Acts Inspiration For Transformation Series] Fight The Good Fight

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading


Fully Engaged for the Mission

Pastor Kirk Freeman

As we come to the conclusion of Acts 28, we might expect some kind of resolution or end to the story, but Luke (the author of Acts) leaves us longing for more. He describes Paul in Rome proclaiming the good news of the gospel and teaching with boldness. The phrase is powerful and inconclusive at the same time. Why? Because the story is still being written. 

Luke’s history details the work of the Holy Spirit which started in Acts 2 with the Pentecost, and today continues working in and through us. You and I are on a mission: Jesus is establishing his kingdom and is reconciling people to God. We, just as Paul and the first-century disciples and Christians, have a Great Commission to fulfill. We are fighting the good fight, we are running towards the end of the race and keeping the faith at the same time. 

The next chapter of Acts begins the moment you say, “Yes Lord! Here I am, send me!” There is nothing more important in this whole world than the mission of reconciling people to God. Ask God to show you if there are areas in your life that you should surrender so that you can be better aligned with God’s heart. Pray that the Lord will help you be in sync with his desires and with his love for the lost, because the battle is not over—there is more to the story.


As we conclude the reading of one of the most inspiring and transforming books of the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit if there is any competing priority in your life that keeps you from engaging with God’s plan for you. Ask God to show you his plan and work in the area where you live. He will guide you to fulfill the Great Commission together with the community of Christians that he has placed next to you. May the Holy Spirit inspire and empower you to be the salt and the light in this world, to bring transformation and love to the world.