[Acts Inspiration For Transformation Series] Fight The Good Fight


Defending the Faith

Pastor Brian L. Thomas

In the era of communication, sometimes we sadly fail to make real and long-lasting connections with people. In order to communicate and connect effectively, it is essential to find common ground with everyone we meet. We need to keep in mind that as believers in Jesus Christ, we should always be prepared to both share and defend our faith. How? By simply witnessing to others about what the Lord has done in our lives. Nothing speaks and affects people as loud as a testimony given by the person who had a life-changing experience. 

Today, we will see how the apostle Paul defended his faith in Jesus before King Agrippa–the ruler of Judea. This man was not an ordinary king; he came from a family line of kings who, at any given opportunity, persecuted those who believed in God. His great-grandfather had tried to annihilate Jesus as a baby, his grandfather brutally executed John the Baptist, and his father martyred the apostle James. Nevertheless, we do not see Paul backing off. On the contrary, he boldly rose to the occasion and communicated his testimony, attempting to convince the king of the truth. 

Furthermore, Paul knew that King Agrippa was an expert in all customs and questions to do with the Jews, so he attempted to find common ground with the king. He did so by linking the past (patriarchs and prophets) to the present. Paul reminded him that the words of the prophets and their promises pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The apostle was so bold in the way he communicated the gospel that he almost convinced the king. In the king’s own words, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian” (Acts 26:28 NKJV). It is interesting to notice that Paul did his part to connect and convince, but he left the results to the Holy Spirit. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to draw people to Christ, it is our work to do our best to convince others of the hope we have in the Lord with gentleness and respect. 


Am I ready to share my testimony with others? I encourage you to write down your testimony and practice sharing it with another Christian who can give you feedback. Be prepared to both share and defend your faith, but not only this. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you towards those people who are ready to hear the good news!