The 8 Great Promises of Jesus

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Promise #7 - The Holy Spirit will be with you

FOCUS VERSE: “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever.” John 14:16

If ever you’ve been through a difficult time, you know people have a hard time knowing what to say to you.

“Hey, I heard your mom just died.”


Person shakes his head, looking to the ground. A grimace. “That’s tough.”

Or… “She’s in a better place.” Or the always helpful… “Hmmm, that’s something.”

Then there are the other (well-meaning) responses like “I’ll pray for you” and “If you need anything let me know” or “I’m there for you.”

Really? Do you promise to do all those things? Pray, provide and be present? Again, well-intentioned and probably they will do all the above, but we’ll find out if they are there for me at 2:00 am to help me figure out my mom’s real estate taxes which are due in the morning. Wouldn’t it be great if they picked up and said, “Hey, I was just praying for you.”

Humans have limitations in being there for us. The Holy Spirit has none. The Holy Spirit can be there for us 24/7, 52 weeks a year, every year of your life. Jesus made this promise moments before leaving the earth and promised the followers the next phase in human/God interaction. In the Old Testament there was God. In the Gospels, Jesus. Then from the book of Acts to today, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit not only lives with us, but in us, standing up for us, teaching us and reminding us what we should be doing. He’s with us to bring us peace, to remind us that we are never, ever alone. We have a peace the world can’t understand, but it desperately wants. It’s a peace knowing that we always have God with us. 

So call up your Advocate, your Counselor, 2:00 AM Tax Consultant, the Holy Spirit hears and responds immediately. You can rest assured. Jesus promised.