The 8 Great Promises of Jesus

Day 2 of 8 • This day’s reading


Promise #2 - Jesus will help you 

FOCUS VERSE: Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Ever wonder why genies only grant three wishes? What happened over time that the Genie Union (the GU) got together and just said that the fourth wish was too much?

Genie Union Local 475 spokesman Ali Kazam made a passionate plea that day, “Look, these fourth wishes. It’s too much. We got to cut these people off somewhere. Then they want a fifth and a sixth, next you know we’re redecorating their bungalow in Maui and creating a jet for their St. Bernard to play in the snow on Wednesdays. When does it end, people?” Faced with greed and extravagance the GU would definitely set term limits.

The good thing about three wishes is that it makes you really think about those wishes, making sure you ask for what you really, really, really want, not an off-the-cuff order for a Butterscotch Smoothie during your Wednesday workout with The Rock.

Jesus made this promise in Matthew 7 that today still befuddles teachers and scholars alike. Wait, in these verses, is Jesus saying here that He’ll give us whatever we ask for?

If you know Jesus, you know He’s not a genie. This is God Himself, extending an “open door” policy with whatever we want to ask or request. He’s telling us, “Stop by and talk. Let me know what’s on your heart. I’ll help you if you’re lost, give you direction and open doors.”

The minute you read this verse and think God is, Santa Claus and your rich uncle all in one, then you must reboot and remind yourself whose presence you are entering with your request. This isn’t an online one-click order. This is you shuffling humbly into the throne room of the Eternal Creator with your eyes diverted from His searing holiness, trying to stammer through your words as you encroach on His time and tremble in His presence. If you put that image in your mind, then you wouldn’t drive by, roll down your window and shout out your order to-go.

This is God portraying Himself like 911, customer service, a sympathetic boss and your best friend all rolled into one. But don’t treat him like that just because He presents Himself like that.

Jesus makes a statement that’s true even in our world—you can’t get something unless you ask. He invites you to ask him for what you want and also makes no limits on this promise. 

But don’t forget who you’re talking to and that should change the way you ask, how much you ask and what you ask for.

And God never limits your requests to three.