The 8 Great Promises of Jesus

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Promise #5 - Jesus is preparing a place for you

FOCUS VERSE: “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” John 14:3

AirBNB is a fascinating trend in our society. First, we went away from taxis and started traveling by Uber, a business where we jump into strangers’ cars and drive away with them (exactly what we tell our kids not to do). Then we went away from hotel reservations and now use AirBNB where people invite complete strangers into their homes for a cheap price.

The variety of choices on AirBNB extend from mansions to apartments, from homes by the ocean to cabins in the mountains. You book your reservation then show up at the location where the renter has prepared a place for you, with (hopefully) fresh linens and running water.

Jesus started this whole idea of AirBNB by booking rooms in the “Air” at His Father’s heavenly mansion. He promises that He’s already there getting the place ready for you.

Here’s how it works—You book your reservation by simply believing in the one who books the reservations. He is the only reservation taker, the only way to heaven, the only one who can get you to this destination. If you want to stay at the heavenly Father’s house, you have to go through Jesus. Expedia won’t work.

Through AirBNB, you can read testimonials from those who previously stayed at the place you’re considering. With God’s house, Jesus offers the one and only testimonial. “If you know me, you’ll believe me. I know the Father. Trust me.” No other testimonial means anything.

We like to think that we’re all getting 40,000 square foot mansions in heaven, with water-of-life swimming pools, angelic butlers with Moses as our next door neighbor (“Excuse me, can I borrow a cup of manna?”). I think that would turn us into the people we never wanted to become—isolated, served and worldly. Isn’t the whole idea of Christianity turning us into community-minded servants focused on the spiritual?

The structure of the Father’s house seems to encourage the latter—multiple rooms in a big house. The largest privately built house in the United States is the Biltmore Estate with 250 rooms. Imagine a heavenly complex with 10 billion rooms. That appears to be what Jesus communicated here— My Father’s house has many rooms—a place where we love our neighbors and connect with one another through our love for God.

Believing is booking. Make your reservation now through Jesus Christ and guarantee your room in the “air.” You’ll be staying there a long time.

Oh, and you can bring your friends and family.