The 8 Great Promises of Jesus

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Promise #6 - If you ask for something, Jesus will help

FOCUS VERSE: “You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” John 14:14

What if you called up Apple and said, “I want to talk to Bill Gates about this problem I’m having with my computer.”

The Apple representation would say, “I’m sorry, we can’t help you.”

You’re outraged. “I’m outraged. I’m calling for Bill Gates, in his name, and I want my computer fixed.”

Patient Apple person, “Sir, I’m being patient with you. We can’t help you because Bill Gates doesn’t work here.”

You called the wrong place with the wrong name. No matter how loud or how emotional you act, the name won’t do any good in that place. Call Bill Gates’ house and talk to his robot housekeeper and you may get somewhere.

The right name can make all the difference if you call the right place.

Let’s say you get through to Bill Gates and you ask him to help you with your vacuum. Bill admits he knows nothing about vacuums. You try again. “Okay, what about my swimming pool.” Nope. “My Toyota Camry?” Nothing.

“What’s wrong with this guy,” you wonder. “I thought he was so rich and powerful. His name is legendary and he’s very rich. Can’t he help me?”

If you talk to Bill Gates, you want to ask to him about Microsoft computers. That’s what he knows. His name opens up doors in that field. He wants to see Microsoft succeed and wants Microsoft to work in the lives of people.

When we talk to God, we must talk to Him about things He wants to see succeed, projects he’s working on with connections He has established.

Praying to Him in His name means asking God for things you know He already wants. What does God want? Let’s look at one example in Matthew 28:18-20

· He wants people to experience salvation through a relationship with Jesus Christ

· For us to be bold and share the Good News

· For us to make disciples of all nations

· For us to baptize people in His name

If you ask for these things, Jesus promised that He will be on the job. Does He guarantee salvation? He can’t. He’s up against freewill. But Jesus swears by His name, He’ll work on the heart of the people as much as He can.

Every promise is in His name. Jesus promises (or swears) by His name (and it’s a holy, righteous, pure, powerful name) that He will hear our requests and get to work. 

Does Jesus promise physical healing? No. Not in His name. Does Jesus promise wealth? Not in His name. Does Jesus promise you’ll get that specific job you want? No, not in His name. But He promises to take care of you…somehow, some way.

But Jesus does promise to bless you with heavenly riches one day in heaven where you’ll experience complete healing. That’s in His name because He’s said it and promised it!

So pray the right prayer to the right person according to His expertise. That’s praying IN HIS NAME.