21 Days To Cultivate A Grateful Heart


Day 4: We Celebrate the Sacrifice 

God sent His son Jesus to live a perfect life in an imperfect world to bridge the gap for God’s children to come back to Him. God made the ultimate sacrifice when He allowed His son to experience humanity and in humility be put to death for our sin and shame. 

His inexpressible gift was given to us through the person of Jesus, one that we cannot skim past. As believers it is easy to go about our days as if the crucifixion and resurrection never happened. Instead, we choose to remember the sacrifice, the covenant that was fulfilled and the love that washed over all of us that day. We get to celebrate the sacrifice. 

Celebrating the sacrifice acknowledges what God has done, what He is doing, and what He is going to do for us because He loves us. 

REFLECT: Think about something you’ve had to do recently that felt like a sacrifice. Did you celebrate it even through it was hard and cost you something? As you process though these questions, ask God to give you a picture of sacrifice and a heart to celebrate in the middle of it. 

RESPOND: Are you grateful for the sacrifice God made on your behalf? Take out your journal and write a few things that come to mind when you recall the sacrifice and why you’re grateful. 

Take time in prayer to tell Him those things and celebrate what He did for you through His sacrifice.