NOAH: A 5-Day Devotional

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


In Genesis 3, we are told of Adam and Eve’s choice in the Garden of Eden to disobey God. Just three chapters later as mankind is populating the earth, we now see God is surveying the growing problem of rebellion. As is always His character as Creator, God begins to unveil a solution, but one that also reflects His heart as Redeemer. The words we read in verse 8, depending on your Bible version, state that everything changed when God looked upon Noah. As he watched this man’s life, He had favor on him; God took pleasure in watching Noah’s choices; the Father liked what He saw not only in His servant’s words and actions, but also inside his heart.

We must remember that God’s desire for intimacy and daily interaction to walk through the Garden with His children had not changed at all. He still longed for the close relationship. He desired for all His children to love Him as Noah so obviously did.

Regarding verses 6 and 7, while as humans we have trouble separating the feeling of regret from our mistakes, here God was simply expressing an intensely deep sense of grief from the choices of His creation. The words here tell us of His deep, abiding devotion and care for all His creation.

Later throughout the Old Testament, particularly in His dealings with His chosen people, we read instances of God expressing righteous anger in response to the people’s actions. But here in this story, we find no indication of such anger with the focus quickly becoming God’s divine plan for Noah’s family to be the recipients of His covenant to fully restore life on the earth.

Many stories in the Bible come to a crossroads with a three-letter word that changes everything: but. At the end of this passage, we find the same—But Noah. He was different because of his decision to obey God at all costs. When God looked upon Noah, this one man’s life was simply a reflection of the Father’s goodness and loving-kindness, finding once again the very reason He made people—relationship and fellowship with Him.

Watch the scene where God speaks to Noah for the first time about the ark. 

Be encouraged today that God, through a relationship with Christ, looks upon you with eyes of grace and mercy, desiring a personal relationship and intimate fellowship.