Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“God is not a reflection of your earthly father - He is the perfection of your earthly father.”

-Louie Giglio, Passion 2019 

Throughout Scripture, God describes His relationship with us as one of a Father to His children To some of us, this metaphor is distorted by painful experiences with an earthly father. For others, it creates an instant ache— an unsatisfied longing for approval that our dads never gave us, or a deep sense of grief for a hero who’s no longer physically present. Still for others, it’s a beautiful reminder of how amazing our earthly dads are. But no matter how amazing our dads may be, something in all of us longs for a perfect father. That’s because we were created to be sons and daughters of God, the Perfect Father.

Historically, the enemy has attacked the father-child relationship in our world because he understands our relationship with God as one of a Father and His children. In undermining our trust in our earthly fathers, the enemy has made it difficult for us to trust God as a loving perfect Father. In nurturing an unmet longing for approval between so many kids and their dads, the enemy has made it difficult for us to live in the freedom and approval of our Heavenly Father who sees the perfection of Jesus when He looks at us. 

That is why it’s so important to realize that God is not a reflection of your earthly father, but He is the perfection of your earthly father.

That means that anything you ever needed from your earthly father, God will give to you. This means love in the most spectacular way imaginable. This means provision like one would not believe. This means a life that is so freeing you would want everyone else on Planet Earth to experience it. So even if our earthly fathers fail us, our Heavenly Father is always perfect. Trust Him.