Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“Jesus was forsaken by His Father so you will know that you will never be forsaken by yours."

-Louie Giglio, Passion 2019 

At the cross, Jesus was forsaken by His Father to pay the redemption price for our sins and reconcile us back to God. Despite our sins and shortcomings, God extended love and mercy to us. For His great name and in His great love, He sacrificed His own Son to make us an eternal part of His family. Because Jesus gave His life in our place, those of us who put our faith in Him are adopted into the family of God as sons and daughters.

In a gathering of 40,000 students like Passion 2019, 40,000 different ideas of what the word “Father” means exist. Some of us grew up knowing that we were loved by our fathers; some of us never knew them. No matter what comes to mind when you think about your father on Earth, what is true of you is that you are a son or daughter of God Almighty, purchased through the blood of His Son, Jesus. God is not just a better version of your earthly dad; He is an altogether perfect Dad.

Do you live out of this identity? Do you rest in the approval and security of being a loved son or daughter of the King?

You have the opportunity to inform your thoughts, feelings and choices by your title as heaven's royalty. Scripture says that by looking at Jesus on the Cross, and knowing it was for the joy set before Him that He endured it, we can persevere in our faith and not grow weary. There is joy set before us as well: eternity in His presence! So, take some time today and reflect on the love of your Father—a love so complete that He paid everything so you would know that He will never leave you.