Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“The great tragedy is that we’re spending a ton of energy trying to hide the very place that grace wants to break through.” 

-Matt Chandler, Passion 2019

Do you remember the board game Perfection? Your parents may still have it in their closet. It was deceptively simple. Racing against a timer, each contestant was tasked with matching a number of uniquely shaped pieces to their appropriate spaces on the board. When time ran out, the board popped, knocking every piece loose. The only way to victory was to put each piece in place before the timer ran out.

Many of us approach life with Jesus in this way. If we could just get that one stray piece where it belongs, maybe we could do great things for Him. If we could just break that sin habit, overcome the temptation, or muscle up the courage to trust Him more, maybe we’d feel worthy to pursue His calling in our lives. But each time we try, one piece or another pops loose, so we stay in hiding and hope to do better next time.

But, Jesus didn’t call us into a life of hiding: He called us to step into and be light. Are you willing to expose your brokenness, your weakness and your shortcomings to Him? This is the way to freedom and purpose! In fact, your struggle is a daily opportunity to lean fully into God’s grace. He specializes in transforming broken people into billboards of His miraculous mercy. Experiencing His grace for our weakness enables us to say: “Come see the One who knows and loves me!”