Infidelity: Road To Recovery, Where To Start

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The God of the Bible is the God of new beginnings. “Behold, I make all things new,” He says in Revelation 21:5; and John, the writer of the book, testifies to the truth of this claim by declaring, “I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea” (Revelation 21:1). This last statement is more significant than it may seem at first glance: to the Hebrew mind, the sea was a symbol of turmoil, division, darkness, destruction, and everything that threatens the happiness and well-being of mankind.

Has your marriage been the scene of turmoil and division? Have you and your spouse experienced conflict, perhaps even to the point of a serious breakdown in your relationship? Has trust been shattered as the result of an extramarital affair? If so, you need to hear the Good News that God can restore the years the locust has eaten and put the broken pieces of your marriage back together again.

If this sounds hard to believe, consider the case of the “Rollstone Boulder.” Fitchburg, Massachusetts is home to this 110-ton mass of rock. It was a prominent landmark in the area for centuries. So when quarrying threatened to topple the ten-foot-tall boulder from its summit, townspeople made up their minds to save it — with dynamite! Between 1929 and 1930, they blew it up by increments and moved all 110 tons of granite to the town common. And then? Then they pieced it back together again! It was a long, painstaking process, but to the people of Fitchburg it was worth it. Folks couldn’t imagine this landmark not being a part of their community, so they went to great lengths to preserve it.

Some marital problems can be resolved with nothing more than chocolate and an apology. But for many marriages, conflict is so severe and the wounds so deep it feels like dynamite has blown it to pieces. Unfortunately, couples in that situation often believe there’s no hope to repair the damage that’s been done. But, quite often, these relationships can be healed. It’ll likely take the expertise of a professional counselor. And, yes, it’ll require a lot of hard work. But the important things in life usually do.

If your marriage seems shattered beyond repair, don’t give up hope too quickly. There may still be a chance for you and your spouse to find healing and restoration.