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When we have the doors and walls in the correct order in our life, things begin to fall into place. Old doors close, new doors open, and walls remain solid to protect us from things that we don’t want. Like a maze, we are funneled with these doors and walls into our potential. God has a plan for everyone, and it is He who uses these doors and walls to guide us towards it. When we learn the ability to differentiate between the doors and walls of God and the doors and walls of the enemy, we find that our path to success and to happiness will come to us much easier.

For years I had these things confused.

There was an internal warfare going on between the plans that God had in store for me, and the plans that I had for myself. It wasn’t until I took a leap of faith that I began to realize my true potential. It wasn’t until I fully understood the doors and walls concept that I was able to make the changes necessary in my life. 

Today, I am stronger as a person, as a Christian, as a husband, father, and business owner. Today I know who my doors and my walls are, and I know when I should be a door or a wall for my loved ones as well. I do my best to eliminate the structures put up by the enemy, so that I can follow the path put down by the Lord.

I am thankful for the Aaron’s, the Jonathan’s, and the Elijah’s that God has brought into my life.

I am thankful that when I start to stray from the path that He has laid before me, that I run into a wall. 

That when I feel as if I am lost and don’t know what to do, a door opens up.

David Villa is author of "Lead Or Be Lunch”, "GRIND", "BRANDED", "MOTIVATED", and founder of iPD, a  Christian-based Marketing, Media & Training company. 

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