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Everyone that comes into your life, and everyone who has been called to be in your life is there for a reason. When God wants to bless you, He will send a relationship that bears fruit. This could be a friend, a coworker, a significant other, an old acquaintance or a new one. God puts people into your life at strategic times, because He knows what we need.

It doesn’t always make sense to us, but He sees the bigger picture.

Unfortunately, God isn’t the only person who places people into our lives.

The enemy places people into our lives as well, in the hopes of steering us away from success, away from happiness, and ultimately, away from the Lord. The enemy puts people that he knows would draw you towards them. They plague your mind, and prevent you from reaching your full potential. We have to be careful with who we give access to our lives.

The most difficult part is that sometimes, we can’t tell the difference between the person that God has put into your life, and the person that the enemy has put into your life.

Not at first, at least.

Too often do people push away what is good for them in search of something toxic. Whether it is a poisonous relationship, or a friend that supports poor decisions, these people that the enemy employs take residence in our hearts and our minds, and wreak havoc. It isn’t until the damage has been done that we realize that this wasn’t the person God had sent us.

Other times, we know that someone isn’t good for us, and decide to spend our time with them anyways. The “bad influence” friend. The troublemaker that we allow into our lives, those who we know for a fact we should not be hanging around with but do anyways. Like Jacob, we try to wrestle with God, insisting that we know what is best for us.

And, eventually, when the dust has settled, we learn that He was right all along.

Who are you giving access to in your life?

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