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Everyone that comes into your life will function as either a wall or a door. People occupy positions as walls and doors, and the people that God puts into our life must understand when to be a wall and when to be a door.

A wall keeps you from things that you don’t want. Danger, negativity, sin. Walls act as barriers. Protection. Defense. We need people around us who are willing to stand between us, and act as a wall to defend us. They don’t allow everything to get through to us.

A door is a place of access. It allows things to travel to and from a given destination. Things that wish to walk into our lives will do so through a door. The people who are doors will allow good things to come to us. Things that we need, that will allow us to grow, and will allow us to reach success.

When combined with a window, or a vision, a good door and a good wall will act as a filtering funnel, siphoning out impurities and negativity, and only pushing positivity to us.

The problem that we are often faced with is when we have the wrong people in our lives, the doors and walls get mixed up. You end up with somebody who keeps us from all of the good stuff that we need. They act as a wall when they should be acting as a door.

The door, on the other hand, gets opened wide to the vast array of negativity. All of the things that aren’t good for us are suddenly flooding the household of our minds.

All of this is the result of our decision to give access to the wrong people. As Christians we must learn to love everyone, but still must understand that not everyone is good for us to involve ourselves with.

Who are some doors/walls in your life that have helped you?