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In addition to having doors and walls in your own life, you will need to be the door and wall for those around you. 

People need other people.

Often times, doors and walls get misunderstood. They don’t often receive the thanks and the praise that they fully deserve. Although you may never hear about them, doors and walls are the foundations that hold up many great people.

Moses needed Aaron. 

David needed Jonathan. 

Elisha needed Elijah.

These people initiated and propelled changes that otherwise would have never occurred. If you are acting as a door or a wall and you are feeling under-appreciated, remember that the big doors of change can’t swing open without you. 

Little hinges open big doors!

It’s time that we, as Christians, make a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of those around us. Reach out and touch somebody. Let them know that you are there to help. Be a door, a point of access that allows opportunities of growth to come in. Be a wall, a sturdy barrier preventing danger from getting through.

And, most importantly, know when to do each.

You just might be the blessing that God has sent to someone.

I think that when you change your idea of people, and you learn the door and wall concept, that it opens your mind and your heart to loving and understanding your peers a lot more. The family member who seems critical and overbearing may just be a wall, seeking to protect you from harm. The friend who is always pushing you to try something different may be the door that thrusts you into reaching your potential.

What is an instance in which you feel that you acted as a door? A wall?