Jesus Revealed Pt. 1 - Jesus: God Manifested!

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Moses and Jesus  

Thoughts on the Passage

God gave His people the Law through Moses. It is a great law. It is a law that teaches what God sets as His standard for living. But…

It is an impossible law to obey. It is impossible because we have a fallen nature. We have a nature that seeks to do things for our benefit rather than others. Our nature does not naturally seek to follow the heart of God. We do not have the strength to follow His great law perfectly – and the law reveals every imperfection in our walk. It will expose every weakness. It will reveal every minor failure. That is what the law is intended to do. The problem is that the law cannot help us do what is right. It can only expose our failures or show our complete obedience.

Jesus did something else. 

He is full of truth (that means the law of God is perfectly revealed in Jesus). He is full of grace – everything we need to break free. Through His grace, we can begin to start fulfilling the law of God – because His death covers our sin and failures. We are no longer defined by our failures of the law. We are defined by Jesus and His working in us to make us into children of God.

In John 1:1-18, John wrote the basis for why God sent Jesus into this world. It was to redeem us from our sin. It is the introduction to the whole book. Now, John will start showing us how Jesus did this. We will see Jesus as the One who died for us. We will see Jesus as the One who brings us back to God. We will see Jesus as the One who can help us on our journey of acting like children of God. 

Application to our lives

Jesus fulfilled the law perfectly – and opened the door for us who could never do it. That open door only requires that we ask for His help. He will empower us to walk – but we need to call upon Him. So today, where is the area we fail? Call out for help. He is full of grace and truth to help us.

Time to Pray

Father, thank you for sending Jesus to help us. Thank you for the gift of the law that exposes our failures – otherwise we would think we are doing okay. Thank you for Jesus who provides a way through grace. Now we can begin to grow as Your children and not be defined by our failures. Thank you that Jesus now shows us how to walk in Your truth as well. It is a wonderful journey. Bless this walk through this book of Your Word. In Jesus’ name, Amen.