Jesus Revealed Pt. 1 - Jesus: God Manifested!

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Reflecting the Light  

Thoughts on the Passage

John the Baptist came as a witness of the Light. 

This is an amazing testimony of John the Baptist – John the Apostle (different person) had to stop right here and tell people that John the Baptist was not the Light – just someone who looked like the Light. Does anyone need to stop and remind people that we are not Jesus – we just look a lot like Him? John’s testimony of Jesus was so clear, so accurate and so strong that it was easy to confuse him with Jesus. 

God sent John the Baptist. It was not John’s idea, it was God’s idea. When we go to our world and let them know about Jesus, remember that it is not our idea to do this, it is God’s idea. So we go with God’s words. We do not go with our ideas, we take His words and thoughts and share them with our world. 

John the Baptist came to tell the world about the Light of God – Jesus. This is the Light that gives life. This is the Light that removes darkness. This is the Light that is for the world to believe in. This is the Light that is true light. Others bring light but no one else brings light that releases Life. Only Jesus brings that kind of light.

Application to our lives

We are sent into our world to give testimony of Jesus. Take time today and be prepared – not to give our ideas about who Jesus is for our world, let’s just let the Light of Jesus shine through us to our world.

Also, remember that other people bring light (they bring truth that they understand) but it never produces life. Only the light of Jesus produces life. Let the light of Jesus bring Life to our lives.

Time to Pray

Father, John was a man who understood the power of the Light of Jesus. He released it to his world and it changed his world. Father, that is my prayer for me as well. I want my life to draw attention to Jesus and His Light – not things that I know or truths that I can pass on to people. That way, the light releases Life for people. It is so far beyond what I can do – and that is exciting. In Jesus’ name, Amen.