Jesus Revealed Pt. 1 - Jesus: God Manifested!

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Born of God  

Thoughts on the Passage

Jesus and His creation.

This short passage talks about the relationship between Jesus and His creation. The relationship is full of tragedy. It is full of things that describe a broken relationship. It is also full of the love of God – God’s love reaching out to bring restoration to this broken tragic relationship.

First, Jesus made this world and the world did not know Him.

To not know Your creator is a tragedy. It means that the knowledge was lost. God made sure that mankind knew their Creator, but through the generations, it was lost. Now mankind is looking, seeking, searching for it’s Creator – but does not know what to look for. 

Second, Jesus came to His creation, but mankind did not accept Him as their Creator. 

His own people did not receive Him. When their Creator was revealed to them – they rejected Him. They wanted to believe that there was a different Creator. Part of the problem is the way Jesus appeared – He did not come as a powerful, royal leader, but came as a humble servant. That made no sense to them and mankind could not see why they should humble themselves before this Creator.

Third, the love of the Creator. 

Anyone who accepted Jesus was given the right to become adopted children of God. Anyone who could get past the external presentation of the Creator – God adopted them. Amazing blessing.

Fourth, it is not like being an earthly child. 

Someone born of a father and mother. It is a spiritual adoption. We are born of the Spirit of God. This is a theme John will pick up later in chapter 3. 

Application to our lives

Have you and I found out what we lost? Have we found our Creator?

Have we looked past what we hoped to see in a Creator and stopped and looked at Jesus? Jesus came as a servant, as a humble man and One willing to be ignored by His creation. When we get past that, we acknowledge Him and receive Him – and God makes us His child. 

Time to Pray

Father, I cannot understand why Jesus came in such a way. No wonder people missed Him, ignored Him and disregarded Him. What a mistake! Today, Jesus may come to me in the same way – unexpectedly and quietly. Give me eyes to see Him and a heart to receive Him. It is so easy to be caught up in what I need or want and miss Jesus because He comes in a different way. Today, I want to see Jesus – no matter how He shows up in my life. Today, I want to recognize that the gift He brings for me today will be greater than anything that I could have hoped for or imagined. Today, I come as Your child as well. I come because I have received Jesus as my Saviour. I come with needs that only You can meet – as Your child, I ask for help with these needs. I know that the same love that sought me out is the same love that will cause You to meet my needs perfectly. Thank you in advance. In Jesus’ name, Amen.