Jesus Revealed Pt. 1 - Jesus: God Manifested!

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The Word became Flesh  

Thoughts on the Passage

Jesus became a man. The Word became flesh.

This is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to this earth – the Creator took on the form of His creation, so He could redeem it. We know that He set aside His heavenly glory and clothed Himself in flesh and yet John says that they saw His glory. How? John is referring to a story that we call the Transfiguration – when the glory of Jesus was revealed on the mountaintop. It is a special story, because it shows how much Jesus covered up so that He could come to this earth. It shows how much Jesus gave up so that He could come and redeem us – we really have no concept how great a sacrifice it was.

Full of grace and truth.

These are two of the greatest attributes of God. 

First, the truth – complete truth. Mankind looks for truth in so many places and ways – complete truth  is found in Jesus. He is the truth. He always speaks the truth. He always reveals truth. It is not just true for a generation, true for a season of life, or true for a situation we face -  He speaks eternal truth.

Second, grace is different. Grace is the willingness of God to help us be transformed by truth. Truth is rigid and unchangeable; grace deals with our weaknesses so that truth transforms us rather than judges and destroys us. Grace opens the door for us to become holy – like Jesus. It opens the door for us to love truth and justice – like Jesus. It is what we need – and Jesus is full of this grace. 

We receive grace upon grace. That is because we keep failing. God does not just give us “one chance” to get things right. He gives grace upon grace – much more than we ever deserve. We fail? He will give us the grace to start again. We fail again and again? There is always grace to help us get back up and start again.

Application to our lives

When we want to know truth – seek Jesus. He is truth. It will be different than what this world strives for, holds dear or sets as its standard for truth. 

Ask for the grace found in Jesus when our lives need to be transformed. Ask for the strength needed to do what is right. Ask for God’s grace to love what God loves, because it will not come from within us. 

Time to Pray

Father, today as I look at this passage and I see how much You gave us to redeem us, it humbles my heart. We think we are smart enough to know what is truth – we are not. We try to attain the standard of truth – it is way beyond us. As I read this passage again and again, I ask for Jesus to release grace to me. I want to have Your heart for truth, for my world (like You have for this world), and for a humble heart like Jesus who laid aside His glory to come and redeem us. This is what I want – but I need Your grace – grace upon grace – so that I can slowly grow in these areas. So fill me with this grace I pray. In Jesus’ name, Amen.