Devoted: Examining Key Men In The Bible

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Say What?

Joshua needed to have no fear and to trust God to go where he had never been before.

Breakdown: When I was younger, I had a fear of heights. I didn’t want to go on anything that went up higher than I could jump (which was not high at all, LOL). As I got older, I realized I had to overcome this fear if I wanted to experience more in life. I didn’t want to allow fear to keep me on one level my whole life, and I had to learn to trust God past my current level and believe that He would be with me at the next level(s).

Joshua is a young man just like you. He is given the large task of taking over where his former leader (Moses) had left off. Joshua is told by God not to fear but to trust in Him for the opportunity to take and live in the promise land. God tells Joshua not to fear but to be strong and courageous. After all, Joshua was a young, newly appointed leader that needed courage to take on the arduous task of leading a lot of people into a battle for land they wanted but knew wasn’t going to be handed over to them.

God will always give you what you need for the journey ahead. As a devoted young man, God also wants you to be strong and courageous AND to have no fear as you live for Him. Joshua had a very big task in front of him but God knew that He could trust Joshua with it as long as he had no fear. Similarly, God has given you a large task to represent and live for Him all the days of your life. As a young man, this means a lot because men set the tone for the family and the community.

Even if you didn’t have an earthly father in your life, you have the opportunity to do better than, and set an example for, your future kids. All of this will be tied to how you trust God now and show no fear. Joshua led his people into the promise land because he had no fear. If he remained afraid, then this new level would never have been experienced by any of them. Your devotion to God as a young man can and will lead others, and yourself, to new levels, if you just trust in God.

Prayer: Lord, today show me how to overcome my fears, and allow me to trust in You more than I trust in my fears. Lord, guide me in ways to overcome these fears so I can experience new levels in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Live it out: Today write down a list of your fears, begin to cross them out on the paper with words of how God will help you to overcome each of them.